The Cherokee Rose and “The Trail of Tears”

Georgia's State flower, the Cherokee RoseOne of the saddest stories of the European settlement of America is the removal of the native Americans, the Lower Creek, the Upper Creek, the Seminole, and finally, with the discovery of gold in North Georgia at Dahlonega, the Cherokee, were forced from their native lands, and removed to Oklahoma on the “Trail of Tears”.  The Cherokee had adapted to the newcomers, and many had adopted European dress, they had their own alphabet, and were farmers and ranchers by this time. They were also fond of a flower, now known as the Cherokee Rose. It was proclaimed the Georgia State flower in 1916, and named the Cherokee Rose because it had been widely distributed over the state by the Cherokee.


One response to “The Cherokee Rose and “The Trail of Tears””

  1. Janice Linton (Willy) Avatar
    Janice Linton (Willy)

    Thanks, I was in Thomasville a couple of weeks ago and looked for one of these. I was sorry to read about the studio. Hope all is well otherwise with you and the family. My daughter and her husband are headed to Savannah for a long weekend and I told them about your place. I will have to let them know not to look for you there.

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