On our way back…

On our way back from a business trip to Myrtle Beach, SC yesterday, we decided to go slightly out of our way to see Edisto Island, a place we had never been before. We were taken by the number of churches along the 20 mile road, so naturally I started pulling over and photographing them on the way back. They pretty much run the gamut of sizes and styles, and some are quite beautiful. Being Presbyterian ourselves, we naturally were attracted to the PresbyterianChurch on Edisto, formed in 1685, and the present building being finished in 1830



Beside the Church building is a tiny white building, now called the Prayer Chapel


Inside it is a small printed plaque, which we got a big kick out of, having served on several Sessions myself.

It reads, in part:

“This building was constructed in the 1800’s as a Session House for meetings of the Church’s governing body. Legend has it that some of their meetings in the sanctuary had become so heated that their resulting behavior was considered inappropriate for God’s House: hence, this separate building which was intentionally constructed too small to allow the traditional ten paces required between dueling antagonists. Today Session meetings are bland by comparison, and are no longer held in this building.”

If you are ever headed toward Charleston on Hwy 17, we recommend a short trip out this byway.


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